GA Certificate: #1828 • US DOT: #92691

After Delivery

Although your carrier’s objective is to transport your personal belongings without incident, there may be times when loss or damage does occur during moving. If you should discover that items are missing and/or damaged, here’s what you should do:*

1. Finish your unpacking, then make a list of the damaged and/or missing articles. DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY OF THE DAMAGED ITEMS!

2. Gather your documents for reference purposes. As mentioned before, it saves time when you know your shipment registration number. Then call your carrier’s Customer Service Department at the corporate headquarters to request a claim form. Your claim form will be mailed promptly.

3. When received, fill out the claim form as completely and accurately as possible and return it to your Customer Service representative. Although you actually have nine months from the date of delivery to submit a claim — or 90 days if the move was in-state only — it’s best to file as soon as possible. All claims will be settled within the parameters defined by the liability option you previously selected. Click here for the Georgia moving guide PDF

Processing will begin at the corporate office upon receipt of your claim. A copy of the claim form with an assignment sheet will be faxed or mailed to a reputable repair firm authorizing them to make an inspection or proceed in restoring items damaged in transit. Articles that are non-repairable are reported to the Customer Service representative for further assessment.

Every effort is made to locate any missing items. If your carrier is unable to recover them, restitution for lost and/or non-repairable items will be considered in your final settlement. A letter will be issued advising you of those terms.

if your booking agent or van line sends you a service evaluation form, please complete it and mail it back. It’s important that the van line know how your move was handled.

Procedures for filing a claim may vary from carrier to carrier. Consult your representative for specific instructions.