GA Certificate: #1828 • US DOT: #92691

Delivery Day

The Agreed Delivery Date on your Bill of Lading will specify the spread date or preferred time period that delivery of your goods can be expected. (Example: 5/26 to 6/07) Most drivers try to advise you of their anticipated arrival at least 24 hours in advance. In the unlikely event that your shipment is delayed past the agreed moving delivery date, you will be notified of the specifics.

If the driver arrives within the specified timeframe and you are unable to accept delivery, the carrier does have the option to place your goods in a storage facility for delivery out at a later date, which will result in added costs to you. Baby requires that our drivers physically go to your residence . . . even if we can’t reach you by phone.

If you have requested notification of the actual weight and charges by checking the appropriate box on the Bill of Lading, one of the staff from Operations should inform you of the amount due prior to delivery.

Unless another means has been prearranged, payment is due at the time of delivery by cash, certified check or postal money order. The driver will not begin unloading until payment is received. Many carriers now honor major charge cards (Bagby does!) . . . but don’t assume so. Check with your local representative in advance to confirm that their office participates in a charge card program. Verify which cards they accept and if any restrictions apply (e.g., can the transaction occur at origin or destination? can the charges be split between two different charge cards?).

In the event the actual charges have exceeded the estimated charges by more than 10%, the driver will release your goods when you pay what is called the 110% Collection Option (not applicable on binding estimates). For example, if the cost of your move was estimated at $2500.00, but the actual charges are $2800.00 you are only required to pay on delivery the estimated charges ($2500.00) plus 10% ($250.00) or a total of $2750.00. The balance of the charges will be due in 30 days.

To this point, there have been up to three agents involved in your relocation-the booking agent, the origin agent, and the hauling agent. (You’ll recall that it’s possible for the booking agent to act as the origin agent and even the hauling agent, as Bagby regularly does.) Now, a fourth agent is about to join the moving team.

When the moving delivery driver needs assistance in unloading, or specific arrangements need to be made for items requiring special handling, the destination agent assigned to your move can assist the driver by providing experienced helpers and scheduling other required services. The destination agent’s warehouse facility is also available in the event your shipment is tendered into temporary storage.

As the driver begins to unload at your new residence, you should check off the items on your copy of the Inventory as they are carried in. This will help you determine if all furniture and/or cartons are accounted for. You should also record any noticeable damage. Once you have completed your inventory check, transfer any notations onto the driver’s copy of the Inventory and sign it.

Hopefully, you’ve had an opportunity to plan ahead in regard to furniture placement. Although most drivers are very cooperative, they are only required to place furniture once.

If you have requested “unpacking,” it’s important that you understand what unpacking actually entails. In industry terminology it means taking the packed items out of the cartons and placing them on a table or counter for the customer to place in cabinets or drawers; and, when requested, the disposal of used material and containers at the time of unpacking.