GA Certificate: #1828 • US DOT: #92691

On Moving Day

Upon arrival on moving day, your driver will request that you sign the Bill of Lading. Your signature acts as authorization for the carrier to transport your belongings. It’s imperative that you check the document for accuracy and completeness, and in the space provided, enter in your own handwriting, the type of valuation you have chosen.

Make sure the Bill of Lading includes your new delivery address and telephone numbers so that the driver can call you in advance of delivery.

Your driver is required to complete a Household Goods Descriptive Inventory of the items that are being shipped and to note their condition. Once the Inventory is completed, the driver will require your signature as your acknowledgment that the Inventory is, to the best of your knowledge, a true and complete list of the goods being tendered to the carrier and of the state in which the goods are received. (If an automobile or boat is included, a signed, Motor Vehicle Descriptive Inventory will also be required.)

When additional services are necessary in order to complete your move, the Additional Services Performed Origin/Destination Service and Delivery Report (A.S.P.O.D.) must be completed. (The name of this form may vary from one van line to another.) That document indicates, when applicable, the amount of manpower and time necessary to accomplish the particular service listed and, who is to perform them. Your signature acts as a confirmation that the services listed are completed as stated.

Now that the preliminaries are over, you simply sit back, relax, and let the driver and his helpers do their job.