GA Certificate: #1828 • US DOT: #92691


Additional Services Performed at Origin/Destination Service and Delivery Report — a form that serves as proof that additional services were performed at origin and/or destination. Your signature verifies that the service(s) was completed as stated.

Agent — a mover and warehouseman under agreement with a national van line, and empowered to act in the van line’s behalf in servicing the interstate movement of your household effects.

Agreed Delivery Date — a spread of dates mutually agreed upon between you and the carrier for the delivery of your goods.

Amendment to the Order For Service — a form used for updating the original Order for Service, indicating changes you agree to make in your relocation (e.g., change in dates, address, items to be shipped, services, etc.)

Bill of Lading — a contract between you and the carrier authorizing them to transport your household goods. It also serves as a delivery receipt for your goods.

Booking agent — the mover responsible for actually securing the order for your move and registering it with the carrier.

Destination agent — a local mover located in, or near, your destination city for the purpose of providing destination services when requested.

Estimate — a computation of weight, value, services, etc., used to determine the estimated cost of your interstate move.

Estimate/Order for Service — a computation estimating the services and charges required to handle the transportation of your goods, and a direction (order) to proceed with the transportation.

Hauling agent — a mover whose driver and equipment are used in transporting your goods.

Household Goods Descriptive Inventory — a document that lists the items that are received and delivered by the carrier and the condition in which they are received.

Interstate Commerce Commission — the Federal agency regulating the interstate transportation industry, including movers of household goods.

110% Collection Option — when the actual charges exceed the estimated charges by more than 10%, the driver will release your goods to you after you pay the estimated charges plus 10% on the day of delivery. The balance of the charges will be due in 30 days.

Origin agent — a local mover in, or near, your origin city who is responsible for origin services when required or requested. The origin agent and the booking agent may be one and the same.

Packing Services Report — a document that provides a record of containers, packing and unpacking, and appliance services. Your signature is authorization for the services.

Registration number — a reference number assigned to your order by the van line Operations Department for the purpose of identification. The number will appear on all documentation and correspondence.

Self-haul — the booking agent’s prerogative to transport the household goods using its own driver and equipment, rather than turning the order over to the van line dispatching center for scheduling and driver assignment.

Storage-in-transit — the temporary storing of household goods in an agent’s facility for delivery to the residence at a later date. With Bagby, Storage-in-transit is limited to 180 days.

Table of Measurements — a document used to determine the cubic feet that your furniture, appliances, cartons and miscellaneous articles occupy in the van. By converting the cubic feet into pounds, an estimated weight is acquired which is used in calculating the estimated cost for your move.

Tariff — the publication that provides the schedule of rates and charges from which the carrier computes the total cost of a move.

Valuation — the liability that the carrier assumes according to your selection, while your shipment is in a van lines care. The term “valuation” denotes contractual limits of liability as provided for in the Interstate Commerce Commission Act, Title 49 U.S.C. Section 10730 (a), and is not “Insurance.” Bagby is not an insurance company.