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Record Storage

Bagby Transfer record storage safely stores and secures your sensitive information by maintaining state-of-the-art facilities, employing the latest software and equipped with only the latest technology. We have over 75,000 square feet of storage space located in Rome, Georgia. We handle secure record storage for many of the leading hospitals, law firms, insurance companies, doctor’s offices and businesses.

The first step to a good offsite system is to initially plan and be consistent.

Before you pack the first file or label a box, decide what is most important about your record storage. Is it security or cost-savings? Do you need to be able to get certain records quickly? Will you have some records that will rarely ever need retrieving?

The second step is to decide the type of description and format that will work best for your files.

Decide how your records will be categorized for storage. You can assign each box a department code for retrieval and billing. You could assign each box your own number. The year and date of the file information is important. You will need to decide how to describe the contents of the file. Please be consistent. What key information will your employees recognize and use to retrieve the file? For example, are you storing patient files by year, and alphabetically A-C, etc. You could have accounting records stored by year and entries such as billing charges 1/02 – 3/31/02. You can fill out the attached Bagby Transfer New Container Form, or we can perform that service for you for an additional charge of $1.00 per box. If we do this service for you, please use the form as a guide for the information you write on the outside of your container. Please write your information on the front of the storage box. Please do not write on the top, sides or back of the container due to the way they are stacked on the shelves. Please fill in the destruction date. Some medical records can never be destroyed while others you are only required to keep for a few years. Inform us of how often you wish to pull and destroy your records. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

The third step is to know about scheduling our services.

For the initial pickup service call our office to set up the pickup. Tell us how many boxes you need for us to pick up. Record Storage Manager Mike Sims can coordinate this service with you according to our schedule. Call us for file or box retrieval. Please let us know the day prior to your needing the record. Let us know if you want your files delivered, or if you will be picking them up. We will generate a record storage inventory listing for you of your records. It will have the information you decided was important. It is that information that you will use to let us know which box or record you need. If you need to personally come and go through records, please give us a day’s advance notice so we can make certain our warehouseman will be available to assist you since only authorized personnel are allowed entry.

We are looking forward to servicing your record storage needs!