GA Certificate: #1828 • US DOT: #92691

Storage Size Guide

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5×5 (25 sq. ft.)
Picture an average walk-in closet
This will hold 1 room of furniture or about 50 file boxes.
5×10 (50 sq. ft.)
Picture a large walk-in closet
This will hold a small 1-bedroom apartment or about 100 file boxes.
10×10 (100 sq. ft.)
Picture an average bedroom
This will hold a large 1-bedroom apartment or 3 rooms of furniture.
10×15 (150 sq. ft.)
Picture a large bedroom
This will hold a 2-bedroom apartment or 4 rooms of furniture.
10×20 (200 sq. ft.)
Picture a small 1-car garage
This will hold a standard car with small home furnishings and personal items.
10×25 (250 sq. ft.)
Picture a standard 1-car garage
This will hold an average-sized with items from a 2-bedroom home, including appliances.
10×30 (300 sq. ft.)
Picture an extra-long 1-car garage
This will hold furniture and boxed items from a 4-5 bedroom home OR a car or boat with garage extras such as a washer and dryer, boxed items, lawnmower, etc.