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Moving Guide


Read this to learn about the terms you need to know and the documents you’ll receive during your move.

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Before Moving Day

Once you’ve selected a carrier, notify your agency representative immediately. This will assure immediate scheduling of your agreed pick-up and delivery dates.

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On Moving Day

Upon arrival, your driver will request that you sign the Bill of Lading. Your signature acts as authorization for the carrier to transport your belongings.

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Getting an Estimate

The main objective of the appointment is to provide you with an approximate cost for your move. Take full advantage of this time to express any concerns you may have.

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Delivery Day

Most drivers try to advise you of their anticipated arrival at least 24 hours in advance. In the unlikely event that your shipment is delayed past the agreed moving delivery date, you will be notified of the specifics.

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After Delivery

Although your carrier’s objective is to transport your personal belongings without incident, there may be times when loss or damage does occur during moving.

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